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Blue Vaishali Line

Station Name: Laxmi Nagar
Laxmi Nagar is a hub for many job aspirants and this is why it is one of the busiest stations of blue line of Delhi metro. Inaugurated on 6 January, 2010, Laxmi nagar is also one of the terminal stations of metro line 5, which runs between Laxmi nagar and Vaishali. For being one of the busiest stations, it has an additional counter no.5 for the sale of smart cards. If you wish to contact concerned and appropriate metro station authorities on Laxmi nagar metro station, you can call 011-64736453 from your landline phone or 8800793202 from your mobile phone. 


Blue Vaishali Line Stations

     Station Names Dist First Train Last Train Connection
1 Yamuna Bank 0.00
2 Laxmi Nagar 1.30 05:10:00 23:59:00
3 Nirman Vihar 2.40 05:10:00 23:59:00
4 Preet Vihar 3.40 05:10:00 23:59:00
5 Karkar Duma 4.60 05:10:00 23:59:00
6 Anand Vihar 5.70 05:10:00 23:59:00
7 Kaushambi 6.50 05:10:00 23:59:00
8 Vaishali 8.10 05:10:00 23:59:00